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Visitor Information

Your Visit: Visitor Information

Our Facilities

Things to do

Our facilities are comprised of three main sections: The Safari, The Walkaround, and The Petting Zoo.

The Safari:

During the safari portion of your adventure, you'll meet animal  species from all over the world; including camels, zebra, various antelope, gazelle, and many more. Our animals are incredibly friendly and enjoy being fed by our guests as they travel through the safari. Animal feed is available for $2 a bag at the admissions gate and also inside the Gift Shop, no outside animal feed is permitted. The Safari generally takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to travel through. Guests may travel through the safari as many times as they wish at no additional charge.

The Walkaround:

The Walkaround is home to our animals we are required to have in enclosures. During this portion of your adventure, you'll meet squirrel monkeys, lemurs, bobcats, macaws, kangaroos, and more. 

The Petting Zoo:

Inside the Petting Zoo, guests encounter various sheep and goat species. Guests may feed the animals in the Petting Zoo if they are so inclined.

The Gift Shop:

Commemorate your trip with a visit to our Gift Shop.  Available items include t-shirts, magnets, stuffed animals, toys, and much more!

Getting Here


The best way to get to us is to use Google Maps and type in "Topsey Exotic Ranch", typing in the physical address may take you an hour out of the way.

Food and Drink

Visit Made Simple

Snacks and drinks are available inside the Gift Shop. Guests are more than welcome to bring their own food and drinks if they would like to do so. We have three picnic areas for guests to use as well.

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